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Apple doesn’t like paying tax. But no one does. Why do we care?

  It’s really hard to avoid writing ‘rotten apple’ or ‘sour apples’ or ‘forbidden fruit’ stuff. The fact that most large companies habitually avoid paying due tax is really the fault of governments who allow this kind of company structure to exist/persist. Why are they…

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Oh, so Tumblr will make Yahoo cool. Right.

How often do you use Yahoo? Never? Me too. How often do you use Tumblr? Daily? Me too. There are loads of articles all over the internet now about “Marissa Mayer’s big gamble” and “Top reasons why Tumblr + Yahoo is good news” etc etc….

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At least Taylor Swift understands marketing

  Seriously? It is 2013, right? I mean, we all pretty much know about Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley and…American Idol. When I first saw this I thought ‘oh, a new guitar shop has opened in the city. Ok’. Because I had a few minutes until…

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A new way of looking at people and sex (as if we needed it)

This is Big Brother and a webcam porn site rolled into one. I think. For FREE you can watch bored Europeans hanging out in their lounge room or cooking in their kitchen but for $30 a month you can watch them in their bedroom and…

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