A new way of looking at people and sex (as if we needed it)

This is Big Brother and a webcam porn site rolled into one. I think. For FREE you can watch bored Europeans hanging out in their lounge room or cooking in their kitchen but for $30 a month you can watch them in their bedroom and bathroom. I’m not sure if this is what Warhol meant by 15 minutes of fame, but it is definitely what Orwell meant by telescreen.

Questions not answered by http://reallifecam tarif viagra en pharmacie.com/ FAQ:

1. Do you make the participants have sex?
2. Do you expect paying members to watch hours of nothing until the participants have sex?
3. Are you even a porn site?

I can pretty much answer these myself. Although I don’t necessarily like the answers. The two reviews posted are from TheBestPorn.com and WebcamSexAdvice.com, so, yeah, I guess it is a sex site. I just can’t figure out how one would get the sex out of it.

Disclaimer: although this is not technically marketing, I’m sure you agree that this is something to be discussed from a commercial perspective at least.