How did we get here?

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Who we are

Kill Marketing – we’re your own marketing department, for less.

If you’re a company with a tight marketing budget who needs high-quality collateral, direct marketing campaign results and to increase your market reach, then we are perfect for you.

Why? Because combined we have over fifteen years experience doing exactly this: working with small to medium-sized companies to increase their market share from small to big. We love startups. We love working with tight budgets and maximising results with less. [/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]

Why Kill Marketing

We aren’t against marketing. We just can’t stand some of its outdated values.

We’re sick of agencies overcharging for work we can do better, faster and without a heavy dose of marketing lingo bull crap. No one believes that stuff any more. Especially not customers.

Anyone can spend thousands of dollars to get great marketing. It takes skill, passion and drive to produce world-class work on a shoestring without relying on momentary marketing fads. Find out more about us in our Kill Mag.


  • Alex Berwick

  • Strategic Lead

From a young age, my mum always said to me that I would be in marketing or law. I choose to believe that she meant it in a good way. Ever since sending out my first DM over a decade ago (it was a fax broadcast about books) and high-fiving strangers as the responses rolled in I was hooked.
Since that day I have been involved in all aspects of marketing, which culminated in me becoming the marketing manager of an up-and-coming software company. I helped take their market share from 20% to 65% in only 4 years. This kind of achievement is what spurred me on to create Kill Marketing.

I know there are loads of companies in their early stages who either don’t have a dedicated marketing team or the massive budget required to use an agency to get the stuff they need. So, instead of spending your budget on a junior/mid-level marketeer to produce work you probably won’t think is good enough, contact us. Think of us as your own marketing department.

  • Jenny Markwart

  • Creative Lead

Who knew that when I was born in a quaint town in the depths of Siberia, I’d go on to get a Media degree in Germany, receive a government grant for an internship in one of the finest cultural institutions in the USA and end up in Sydney progressing my career in marketing to one day owning a business. Call me adaptive.

Among other things, I’ve helped run the Chicago Film Festival, launch an international lifestyle brand and grow Australia’s leading digital video company to be the market leader. Making a small to medium sized company look on par with the best in the world is what I do. Through branding, events, graphic design and good old fashioned direct marketing I’ve launched countless companies into the spotlight and helped give them tools to sustain their presence year after year. Contact me and I’ll help bring your company into the spotlight too.

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