Are you Christian and looking for love? Problem solved

Nothing is hotter than Christian on Christian action. Especially when you know what denomination your partner prefers. Grrrr.

I was surprised that Google Adsense decided to show this ad on a YouTube video I was watching, but I can’t fault the world’s largest advertising company from making a best guess error. Or should I?

Christian Mingle google adsense ad

What, I think, is more troubling is that Christian Mingle dating site uses the catchy tag line ‘Jesus Christ Is Lord’ to get my romantic urges tingling. It’s like their marketing team thought – “Hmmm, what gets Christian’s attention? OH I KNOW!”

Even worse is their sign up process (yes, I clicked on the ad – how could I RESIST?) prix viagra 50 100. Basically you can create any username you want (mine is Sexxxtacy) and pop in any bogus email address to complete your sign up. This proves they are desperate for sign ups as authentication is out the window (let alone any algorithm that stops usernames that have sex or xxx or illicit drug nicknames in the title). I find it hilarious you can filter your results by denomination, like that is a key “trait”. Also funny, is their obscure line from the bible which hangs there as justification for the whole website.

christian mingle LOGIN


Are Christians the demographic to be targeted for dating services? Really?

See for yourself: