At least Taylor Swift understands marketing

ace avenue billboard


Seriously? It is 2013, right? I mean, we all pretty much know about Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley and…American Idol. When I first saw this I thought ‘oh, a new guitar shop has opened in the city. Ok’. Because I had a few minutes until my train came I bothered to ‘discover’ Ace Avenue on their website. I was horribly wrong. This is a train station billboard for a new ‘artist’. And it’s not a joke. All the clichés are employed to their most ridiculous degree. I can’t believe anyone in this day and age can be so unaware of how deliberately false they appear. And who is he trying to reach with a mass-market billboard anyway? People who have no idea about music and will maybe give this guy a chance based on a weird gaze and a knitted scarf. A scarf worn with a singlet…urgh.

At this stage I’d rather listen to Taylor Swift than this guy. At least she gets marketing.