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If the godfather were in marketing…

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In time for the holidays – hotel ads then & now

December and January are traditionally months where many people go away on holidays and stay in hotels. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea, to have a look at the evolution of  luxury hotel print ads. And here it is, enjoy! 1966 Holiday Inn…

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Apple’s Black Friday emails (2007-2013)

Apple’s most exciting sale of the year (hmm) as seen through their Black Friday marketing emails over the past 7 years. While it’s interesting to see the product portfolio change reflected in the design of the emails during 2007-2009, the 2012-2013 emails are marked by the surprisingly…

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Some good old vintage marketing bullshit

“Good old Luckies! We’ve been pals for years. And like an old friend, they treat me well…” Oh, yes that delicious toasted flavour, cream of the crop, and no cough or throat irritation – maybe just a little bit of lung cancer (nothing too bad…

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