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Are you Christian and looking for love? Problem solved

Nothing is hotter than Christian on Christian action. Especially when you know what denomination your partner prefers. Grrrr. I was surprised that Google Adsense decided to show this ad on a YouTube video I was watching, but I can’t fault the world’s largest advertising company…

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Energy companies to consumers: how about them knockers (wink wink)

<a href="http://killmarketing viagra a vendre” rel=”attachment wp-att-1370″> Energy Australia has responded to complaints they have received about their consistent pestering of people in their homes with a nation wide “No Door Knockers” campaign.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Instead of door knocking,…

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Apple doesn’t like paying tax. But no one does. Why do we care?

  It’s really hard to avoid writing ‘rotten apple’ or ‘sour apples’ or ‘forbidden fruit’ stuff. The fact that most large companies habitually avoid paying due tax is really the fault of governments who allow this kind of company structure to exist/persist. Why are they…

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Oh, so Tumblr will make Yahoo cool. Right.

How often do you use Yahoo? Never? Me too. How often do you use Tumblr? Daily? Me too. There are loads of articles all over the internet now about “Marissa Mayer’s big gamble” and “Top reasons why Tumblr + Yahoo is good news” etc etc….

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