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At least Taylor Swift understands marketing

  Seriously? It is 2013, right? I mean, we all pretty much know about Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley and…American Idol. When I first saw this I thought ‘oh, a new guitar shop has opened in the city. Ok’. Because I had a few minutes until…

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A new way of looking at people and sex (as if we needed it)

This is Big Brother and a webcam porn site rolled into one. I think. For FREE you can watch bored Europeans hanging out in their lounge room or cooking in their kitchen but for $30 a month you can watch them in their bedroom and…

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Sharapova’s Sugarpova OR how to take candy from a baby

Ignoring the inherent irony in a sports person peddling lollies, this is definitely smart marketing at work. Taking cheap, readily available sugar treats, repackaging them and slapping a sports star brand on them so you can charge double the price is brilliant. Plus all the…

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The marketing magic of Dolmio’s Italian Meal Base

Although I am not a Michelin star chef (yet), I do know how to cook. That’s why when I saw this packet, I did a double take. This “meal base” is Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Pasta, and all you need to do is add cream,…

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