Energy companies to consumers: how about them knockers (wink wink)

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Energy Australia has responded to complaints they have received about their consistent pestering of people in their homes with a nation wide “No Door Knockers” campaign.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Instead of door knocking, they’ve got banner ads, direct mail (pictured), and PR channels engaged.

I always find it funny when companies scream from the rooftops when they are finally pushed into doing the right thing: “Look at us! We are okay now!”. As if customers are that stupid and forgiving (or care).

No hormones in beef! (Coles)
Beyond Petroleum (BP re-brand)
Healthy Choices (McDonald’s et al)

Meanwhile, AGL got fined $1.5 million for door knocking in VIC and also stopped this channel in March.
Origin Energy is also distributing No Door Knockers stickers (but it may or may not be stopping the practice).

It simply looks like energy companies are scared of fines and are playing together on this, so that no one company will get the door knocking channel to themselves. And just when you thought they were being considerate…

PS: Energy Australia’s campaign landing page doesn’t match their campaign either. That hurts me personally (