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We can be your very own marketing department. Sure you could hire two people and hope it works out. But that’s a bit pricey. Plus we don’t even care about 9 to 5. Call or email us whenever you want.

Marketing Strategy
Got a product/service that you want to sell more of? Of course you do. This is the best part of the job – coming up with ways to get your customers calling. We’re not talking about one-off shots here, but enough meat to keep you busy for months. Maybe we can think of something you haven’t tried yet.
Direct Marketing
This is our bread and butter. It’s what we have been employed to do for over a decade in various companies. We know what makes people tick, but more importantly, we know how to get them to act. Whether mail, email, phone, web, social, events or ambient campaigns, we’ve got plenty of approaches up our sleeves. See example here
Social Marketing
Everyone is talking about it, and, every second article says “you should be doing it!” Why? Because there are lots of people on social networks. Just don’t make the mistake of diving in for the sake of it. It’s one of our pet peeves, and it takes real thought to get this channel working right. And while you are here, see how we’ve been using it on Alinta Energy Facebook’s page.


Let’s not get too fancy here, this is just look and feel. Not that that is a small thing. How you look and how customers feel about you is pretty damn important. Would you agree?

Brand Identity
Honestly, this is probably our favourite part of our job. Taking an existing brand and helping it grow into the next phase, or better still, taking a small initiative or start up and really shape their personality and image. It just feels goods when all of your ‘stuff’ fits together. What could be better? See example here 
It’s the future, right? But not everyone gets it. It’s not just another channel to ram your message down, it’s a little bit different. We like to think your digital presence should enhance your brand and be built in a “set and forget” way to keep customers engaged without you even being there.
Print Collateral
The bones of pretty much every company on the planet is a good sales kit. We’re talking catalogues, brochures, point of sale, posters, banners. If you can print it, we’ve done it (except bus ads, we’ve never got to do a bus ad). Adding extra pizzazz to your physical marketing material still counts for a lot, even these days. See example here

Everyone has a screen in their pockets or right in front of them all the time. If you are not putting something that they can see on there, then you are missing out on thousands of eyeballs. Just saying.

Arguably the best way to explain your product or service, a short, snappy, engaging animation gets attention. Instead of hoping your customers read pages of carefully constructed material on your site, give them a fun one minute animation that explains everything and gets them on board sooner. Another example here
We’ve heard people say “no one reads anymore”. Whilst we don’t actually believe that, it’s hard to argue that people love consuming video content. You’ve heard the “show, don’t tell” maxim? That’s pretty much the whole reason to throw a video on your site. Plus, it is an SEO golden ticket.  See example here

We never forget that events are supposed to be engaging. And memorable. And not boring. How many events have you been to that have forgotten that? Tell us about it…

Conferences and Trade Shows
Conference spots are not cheap. You need to make sure your stand draws attention and gets people intrigued by who and what you are. Whilst we don’t provide copy and paste stand designs, we make sure to tick the most important box: standing out from the crowd. See example here
Boutique Events
Who doesn’t like a party? An event is the best way to really engage with customers and potential customers in an intimate, memorable way. Instead of just putting out the wine and making a speech, we’ll help you create an unforgettable experience that people will talk about and spread your message. See example here

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