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At least Taylor Swift understands marketing

  Seriously? It is 2013, right? I mean, we all pretty much know about Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley and…American Idol. When I first saw this I thought ‘oh, a new guitar shop has opened in the city. Ok’. Because I had a few minutes until…

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What are you doing to yourself? King’s Cross anti binge drinking campaign

This is the latest campaign for the NSW Government to prevent binge drinking. Basically it’s scenes typically seen in my hood (King’s Cross) at night. There’s up-skirts, vomit, fighting, all of that. The idea is to remind visitors to the cross what can happen as…

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Santa Barbara themed restaurant with horrible branding and positioning

New restaurant just opened under the iconic Coke Sign in Kings Cross, Sydney. A purely goe-locatory tragedy. Previous tenants The Piano Room absconded owing some 300 grand to creditors. This gaudy, faux (I hope) eatery could not have chosen a worse theme for the area. Bad marketing…

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