The marketing magic of Dolmio’s Italian Meal Base

Dolmio meal base

Although I am not a Michelin star chef (yet), I do know how to cook. That’s why when I saw this packet, I did a double take. This “meal base” is Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Pasta, and all you need to do is add cream, mushroom, bacon and…pasta. Thanks Dolmio! This was strange enough, but I was curious: if you have to add everything in the title of the “meal base” to make the meal, what the hell is inside the packet?

Dolmio meal base ingredients

Ah. Thickener, sugar and salt (pretty much). Hey – maybe you even have those ingredients in your cupboard as well?

So, this is technically a marketing win, because Dolmio has got people buying meal bases for $2.50 to make meals whereby the customer adds the main ingredients themselves. Genius?