What are you doing to yourself? King’s Cross anti binge drinking campaign

What are you doing to yourself

This is the latest campaign for the NSW Government to prevent binge drinking. Basically it’s scenes typically seen in my hood (King’s Cross) at night.

There’s up-skirts, vomit, fighting, all of that. The idea is to remind visitors to the cross what can happen as they arrive. Usually the people who fall victim to this outcome are not locals, so it’s interesting to see advertising in your area not aimed at you. It’s much more cost effective to post these ads all around King’s Cross then guess at where all these morons come from.

Here’s the campaign website: http://www.whatareyoudoingtoyourself.com

After many weeks of these being up, I haven’t seen any difference in behaviour at the cross. Duh.

The only way to stop people being idiots is, well, if they stop being idiots. It’s no use simply showing idiots what other idiots look like when they are being idiots. This may work on hungry people looking at pictures of food, but not as a deterrent for binge drinking. Sorry NSW Gov, keep trying though!